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Community Showcase

Huddle’s Community Showcase session brought together the best of the Singaporean and global health / medical technology enthusiasts. In 2020, the leading minds, players, decision makers and actors from the health technology industry shared ideas, insights and friendship in one virtual space!

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Huddle’s Investor Showcase features 2020’s top innovations in medical devices, digital health and diagnostics from our portfolio and vibrant community.

Click below to download the look-book for all pitching start-ups, or just click on a start-up’s tab below to reveal more information on the team, technology and traction so far. You can also schedule one-on-one partnering meetings using the contact team link below!

Easy Breath Tests for Disease Detection

Rapid and Non-Invasive breath tests that enable easy disease detection.

  • An NUS spin-off, Breathonix focuses on the development and commercialisation of easy breath tests for disease detection using its proprietary breath sampling technique and data analysis algorithms.
  • The product comprises a high-precision breath sampling device, software with patented biomarkers and proprietary machine learning algorithms.
  • Breathonix has identified two initial applications for the product:
    • Non-Invasive Test for Early-Stage Lung Cancer Screening
    • Rapid Breath Test for COVID-19 Mass Screening
Vyasaraj Manakari

Chief Executive Officer

Gururaj Parande

Chief Technology Officer

Manoj Gupta

R&D Director

Raymond Wong

Clinical Partner

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    Advancing Breast Cancer Screening with AI

    FathomX is an edge computing based Medical Imaging AI Assistant that aims to enhance breast cancer screening with AI by reducing the inefficiencies and inaccuracies in the current care-pathway.

    •  A spin-off from the National University of Singapore and National University Health System, FathomX aims to improve breast cancer screening by significantly reducing false positive rates by 80% and interval cancer false negative results by 25%.
    •  Their core algorithm enables cancer-risk estimation through medical imaging and analysis of medical history records, producing a heat-map abnormal lesions for faster diagnosis and an AI Generated Radiology Report that follows existing guidelines.
    • Their Imaging AI aims to enhance the existing clinical workflow for radiologists diagnosing breast cancer (i) by allowing for faster readings and (ii) eliminating the double-blind reading requirement per screen for each diagnosis.

    Dawn Nin

    Tech and Product Development

    Tan Yin Zhang


    A/Prof. Lih-Wen Deng

    Scientific Advisor



      Hello to Smarter Care

      HiCura aims to enhance patient care by improving the accuracy and success rate of the first-attempt needle insertion during epidural anesthesia with their AI based imaging assistant – uSINE.

      • HiCura Medical Pte Ltd is an NUS spin-off that was incorporated in Singapore in May 2019. HiCura uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) in healthcare to enable automatic image guidance for medical procedures.
      • Their product, uSINE, increases the success rate of the first needle puncture attempt during neuraxial procedures such as epidural, spinal anaesthesia and lumbar punctures. This leads to higher patient safety and satisfaction, and better clinical outcomes.
      • uSINE’s machine learning algorithm improves image visualization and enables automatic identification of spinal landmarks. uSINE alerts the anaesthetist in real-time during ultrasound scanning of the spine when the right needle entry point and angle are found. uSINE has the potential to transform the current way anaesthetists are performing epidurals.

      Dr. Anansa Ahmed

      Managing Director

      Ishita Dhamani


      Dr. Aarti Ozarkar

      R&D Lead

      Alex David

      VP Engineering



        AI Platform for Medical Images for South-East Asia

        Iota Medtech uses Artificial Intelligence to assist radiologist to prioritise medical scans that require immediate attention. Our platform reduces the amount of time needed to read each scan by highlighting the area of interest.

        • Iota AI helps to identify the “needle-in-the-haystack patient” in the queue and prioritises it by flagging it out to the radiologist in our software.
        • The AI solution can identify abnormal brain scans by flagging out images that require immediate surgical attention to radiologists, speeding up the delivery of acute treatment to patients suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury. This improves the traditional workflow of analysing CT images through the First In First Out (FIFO) method.
        • Iota AI model is trained using localised brain scans optimised for the South East Asia market.


        Prof. Timothy Tan

        Chief Executive Officer
        Chief Investigator

        Prof. Tey Hong Liang

        Clinical Investigator

        Dr. Chun Yun Yao

        Research Scientist



          Accurate, Non-invasive, and Real-time Monitoring Core-Body Temperature.

          iTEMOSinc aims to enable the best Way to Accurately, Continuously and Non-Invasively Monitor Core Body Temperature using an in-ear device.

          • iTEMOSinc has created an in-ear device that can measure core body temperature real-time. The company has found two initial application for their technology 
            • Continuous monitoring of core-body temperature for high risk profession e.g. firefighters. 
            • Consumer-centric temperature monitoring for fever detection as a symptom of COVID-19. 
          • The technology employs an algorithm to compute core temperature using both aural-canal temperature measurement and in-ear auricle temperature measurement. Initial results indicate a strong correlation in output temperatures compared to the ‘gold-standard’- telemetric pill. 
          • Their initial product is ready for in-human trials which are due to be conducted in early 2021. The company has approached the Singapore Civil Defence Force to conduct in-human trials.

          Kanu Batra

          Chief Executive Officer

          Dr. Vivek Manoharan

          Chief Technology Officer

          Dr. Terence Tan

          Chief Medical Advisor



            The NeuroPlay Ambidexter: A gamified digital therapeutic system

            A digital therapeutic platform in a gamified form for delivering and objectively monitoring essential therapy to children with neurodevelopmental delays such as Autism Spectrum, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Cerebral Palsy at therapy center and home settings.

            • NeuroPlay Systems is developing fun and engaging digital therapeutic systems for children with neurodevelopmental disorders
            • Ambidexter, their first product is a digital therapeutic platform that has a gamified environment for delivering and objectively monitoring essential therapy to children. The solution will deliver fine motor skill development related therapy via a smart game controller that provides key exercises such as forearm pronation / supination, wrist flexion and extension, and finger muscle development exercises. The smart game controller robot is adaptive in nature that changes from assistive to resistive function based on the child’s own strength and his ability to complete the task in a given period of time.

            Majid P.Fard

            Chief Executive Officer

            Prof. Ranjan Singh

            Chief Technology Officer



              Quick, affordable and convenient diagnostic tests.

              QuikPath is creating quick and easy,  point-of-care diagnostic tests for COVID-19 and other infectious diseases that can be performed by anyone anywhere.

              • Their technology is based on LAMP RT-PCR and is easily adaptable for a variety of diseases. Their current application for this Point-of-Care technology is for Rapid Screening of COVID-19. The test can be performed by anyone and with results in under 40 minutes per test. 
              • Their patent pending technology includes an easy-to-use cartridge that allows for RNA amplification in a single step. The cartridge contains a proprietary reagent mix to detect viral RNA. 
              • QuikPath has designed two products, each comprising a patent pending cartridge and an analyzer to serve as heatbath: 
                • QuikPath Rapid aimed for easy detection of COVID-19 on site removes the need for any kind of laboratory equipment and skilled professionals.
                • QuikPath RAPID Self is the first of its kind home-test for COVID-19, based on PCR-technology, making it the more reliable than the limited home tests currently available in the market.

              Yi-Chih Cheng

              Chief Executive Officer

              Zi-Yan Lin

              Chief Technology Officer

              Yan-You Lee

              Product Lead



                Securing Your Vision With Advanced Ophthalmic Solutions

                Recornea’s GROSSO® implant is the world’s first metal corneal implant to restore the physiological curvature of the cornea with predictable clinical outcomes.

                • RECORNEA aims to reinstate adequate physiological visual conditions and to get tailored treatment with an optimal visual recovery in a large number of patients suffering from pathologies with detrimental and invalidating corneal shape deformations.
                • Their first product GROSSO® a corneal implant, to be implanted in a single and simple surgical procedure to treat a progressive eye disease called keratoconus. This product is the world’s first metal corneal implant to restore the physiological curvature of the cornea with predictable clinical outcomes.
                  • Their product is minimally invasive, allows for uniform corneal reshaping and stops the progression of keratoconus.

                Emiliano Lepore

                Co-Founder, CEO
                PhD in Biomaterials/
                Biomedical Engineering

                Moses Kakanga

                Co-Founder, CTO
                PhD in Biochemistry/
                Structural Molecula

                Arcadia Garcia de Castro

                Regulatory Affairs
                PhD in Cell Biology/

                Edoardo Grosso

                Eye Surgeon & Co-inventor
                of the GROSSO® implant



                  Improving the Quality of Life for Dialysis Patients

                  UpperMed brings modern technology and service to all Peritoneal Dialysis patients to automate the setup of the heavy dialysate, data logging, and infection control in one package.

                  • UpperMed is dedicated to improving the quality of life for dialysis patients. Their product is a portable solution for those on PD with easy accessibility to dialysis procedure – PD Care™, which includes a portable device and companion mobile application for data management. 
                  • Their data management platform intends to enable medical staff to achieve real-time access to patients’ dialysis status and adjust the prescription accordingly.

                  A/Prof. Alfredo


                  Prof. Lee CN

                  Chief Advisor

                  Dr Jürg Fröhlich

                  Head of Tech

                  Ivan Goh

                  Chief Executive Officer

                  Fann Lee

                  Biz Dev Director

                  Li Jingze

                  Chief Engineer



                    Empowering Patients and Clinicians

                    Zealth-AI is building an operating system for Indian healthcare to deliver continuous, personalised, and predictive care to 1.38 billion people.

                    • Zealth-AI is building India’s 1st digital health intervention platform powered by artificial intelligence that provides remote monitoring through vitals and patient reported outcomes (PRO)
                    • Zealth-AI is the only fully automated and holistic end to end solution which caters to both patient remote monitoring through vitals and captures crucial symptoms that can not be captured otherwise via patient reported outcomes.
                    • Their unique algorithms are tailormade to analyse the PRO data coming from diverse populations of India, particularly from tier 3-4 cities in regional languages.

                    Monika Mehta

                    Chief Executive Officer

                    Dheeraj Mundhra

                    Chief Technology Officer



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