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Investor Showcase

Huddle’s Investor Showcase features 2022’s top innovations in medical devices, digital health and diagnostics from our portfolio and vibrant community.

Click below to download the look-book for all pitching start-ups, or just click on a start-up’s tab below to reveal more information on the team, technology and traction so far. You can also schedule one-on-one partnering meetings using the contact team link below!

Crafting new generation non-toxic bioresorbable magnesium implants for trauma fixation

Magloy Tech has developed OrthoMag, a disruptive material for developing bioresorbable magnesium implants for orthopaedics and trauma surgery that can make implant removal surgeries obsolete. 


  • Magloy Tech aims to provide surgeons with highly functional absorbable implants that can reduce post-surgery complications commonly associated with permanent metallic implants used in the trauma fixation sector.
  • The novel implant has been developed using a patented biocompatible, non-toxic magnesium alloy that lends it a strength equivalent to titanium to provide superior mechanical stability and bone support to facilitate the healing process.
  • Implants made of OrthoMag dissolve over time to leave only natural, healthy bone tissue.


  • Design validation and pre-clinical trials are underway
  • Secured NUS Graduate Research Innovation Programme (GRIP) funding of S$100,000
  • Awarded Start Up SG Tech Proof-of-Value grant of S$500,000
  • Established partnership with Osteopore International to commercialise a first-of-its-kind fully degradable facial bone fixation solution consisting of dissolvable magnesium plates and screws coupled with Osteopore’s 3D printed tissue regenerative products
  • Established partnership with SRS Life Sciences to develop and commercialize bioresorbable magnesium implants for orthopaedics with focus on India and South-East Asia market
  • Recognized by MedTech Innovator Asia Pacific as one of the 20 leading MedTech start-ups transforming the healthcare industry
  • Co-founders of the company,  Vyasaraj Manakari and Gururaj Parande were featured in Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia List 2021 under Healthcare & Science Category for their contribution towards research and Entrepreneurship.
Vyasaraj Manakari

Chief Executive Officer

Gururaj Parande

Chief Technology Officer

Manoj Gupta

R&D Director

Raymond Wong

Clinical Partner

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    Guiding Precision Radiotherapy With Simple To Use MicroRNA-based Tests

    ProlegoMiR is creating simple and accurate biomarker tests to predict radiotherapy success and chance of relapse for cancer patients. Our tests aim to guide radiotherapy planning to improve treatment outcomes. 


    • We create simple and accurate microRNA-based biomarker tests to predict radiotherapy success and chance of relapse for cancer patients.
    • With our propriety biomarker panel and risk calculation software coupled with optimised reagents for biomarker detection using standard diagnostic laboratory available PCR methods, our tests aim to guide radiotherapy planning to improve treatment outcomes.


    • Filed provisional patent application for first biomarker panel
    • Obtained grant funding to commence multi-centre validation studies for flagship biomarker panel
    • Research agreements have been signed with local and international clinical KOLs to commence development and validation studies for biomarker panels for multiple cancers


    Dawn Nin

    Tech and Product Development

    Tan Yin Zhang


    A/Prof. Lih-Wen Deng

    Scientific Advisor



      Magnetic Mitohormesis

      Brings the health and wellness benefits of exercise without physical stress or strain. 


      • QuantumTX is a Medtech start-up harnessing the natural curative benefits of exercise to improve how we age. Our patented muscle-activating technology was developed at NUS (Singapore) and ETH (Zurich), and employs safe and gentle magnetic fields to activate muscle-mitochondria without physical movement or strain. Regular weekly sessions result in muscles with more energy for recovery and regeneration. Activated muscles also send signals around the body to improve bodily functions like metabolism, regeneration and inflammation.
      • Hundreds have used our devices to improve their Quality of Life. Clinical trials are underway (Singapore and Hongkong) to validate our benefits for Sarcopenia and Diabetes.


      • Launch of BIXEPS Fitness & Wellness Device with $500K in Revenues
      • >500 users benefitted from improved fitness, mobility and quality of life
      • 3 pay-per-use centres and 5 devices with eldercare providers
      • 6 pilot clinical and community studies completed with hospitals and eldercare providers showing improvements in muscle recovery and functional gains

      A/Prof. Alfredo


      Prof. Lee CN

      Chief Advisor

      Dr Jürg Fröhlich

      Head of Tech

      Ivan Goh

      Chief Executive Officer

      Fann Lee

      Biz Dev Director

      Li Jingze

      Chief Engineer



        Making diagnostics accurate, accessible and affordable

        We enable pathology clinics to reach 10x more customers by converting collection centers into point of care labs. We do this through our patented lab in a box diagnostic platform.


        • QuikPath is a women led company with a mission to improve healthcare access for 3 billion people in LMIC geographies. We
          envision a new status quo, by building technology that is customized for distributed settings, we will lower the barrier to entry for every healthcare practitioner to provide on-site, robust and actionable results from their own dedicated testing centers.
        • Our solution is an open diagnostic platform for infectious disease and precision medicine diagnostics. The solution consists of a molecular testing cartridge that can run a gold standard PCR test in any environment and a digital record generating device.
        • We have partnered with 2 companies to bring various tests onto our platform including a respiratory panel, mosquito borne disease panel and a food testing panel.
        • QuikPath is the only technology in the market that is specifically designed according to WHO’s ASSURED guidelines that can run a
          batch workflow. This has opened up a new market catering to the 1000’s of underused testing centers in LMIC countries that do not have the CapEx and manpower to expand their product offerings.


        • Mass manufacturing established
        • Revenue from pilots in 5 countries
        • 2 Clinical trials underway
        • ISO 13485 Certification obtained
        • Obtained letter of intent for 50,000 tests/ month
        • Secured MoU with pan-india diagnostic chain
        • Provisional regulatory approval in Singapore

        Dr. Anansa Ahmed

        Managing Director

        Ishita Dhamani


        Dr. Aarti Ozarkar

        R&D Lead

        Alex David

        VP Engineering



          The world’s first clinically proven scar prevention technology

          Scarless’ topical siRNA microneedle patch is the world’s first effective and clinically proven scar prevention solution to overcome the sever physical, mental and socio-economical burdens suffered by millions of scar patients. 


          Scarless has developed a topical microneedle patch loaded with scar tissue-silencing siRNA nanoplexes to provide a scar prevention solution that is effective, safe and easy to use. The microneedle patch functions like an adhesive plaster which can be easily and topically on the skin by patients themselves, providing effective prevention of post-surgical and traumatic scars.

          The design of the Scarless’ dissolvable microneedle overcomes 3 main bottlenecks to achieve transdermal siRNA silencing: (1) Delivery across skin barrier, (2) long-lasting, and (3) cell-targeting siRNA nanoplex into the skin. Scarless’ dissolvable siRNA microneedle is also a platform technology that can be customized with specific siRNAs to target the skin’s inflammatory and immunology pathways to treat a wide range of skin health or medical conditions.


          • Improved product prototype with TRL 6-7
          • Patent filled in Singapore (PCT/SG2022/050027)
          • Product was certified under ISO 10993 standards (Biological safety evaluation of medical devices)
          • Clinical trial is on-going at Singapore National Skin Centre
          • Secured Licensing Agreement for China


          Prof. Timothy Tan

          Chief Executive Officer
          Chief Investigator

          Prof. Tey Hong Liang

          Clinical Investigator

          Dr. Chun Yun Yao

          Research Scientist



            Enabling simple, accurate and convenient home-based healthcare

            Research and Development of ‘Lollipop-like’ oral cavity sample stimulation, extraction and detection kit technology for home-based health biomarker screening and testing of conditions including COVID, TB, etc.

            ABOUT THE START-UP

            • Test At Home is a Singapore-based biomedical technology company supported by Antler Singapore, and National University of Singapore. It is developing and further iterating a clinically proven do-it-yourself stimulated oral fluid collection ‘Lollipop-like’ kit along with its associated technologies with stabilization and transport medium for point-of-care testing of health conditions.
            • The ‘Lollipop-like’ technology optimizes ease of collection and provides superior samples with proven performance for those requiring high-quality biological samples for diagnostics. The ‘Lollipop-like’ kit can be applied for Infectious Diseases, STIs and others. The company is founded by a doctor, a biomedical engineer – scientist, and a healthcare business expert. 


            • Initial fund-raise from Antler Singapore
            • Research collaboration with National University of Singapore – Life Sciences Institute  and University of Strathclyde, UK
            • Provisional patent application filed for the device
            • Completed a registered clinical trial on concordance between our ‘Lollipop-like’ kit and conventional nasal swabs for COVID 19 with an accuracy of  95% and identified more positive cases than conventional nasal swab
            • Manufacturing and regulatory strategy formulated with strong partnerships from leading agencies around the world
            • Strong technology roadmap and partnerships for future medical and clinical use cases including TB, Food sensitivity, oral microbiome, etc

            Kanu Batra

            Chief Executive Officer

            Dr. Vivek Manoharan

            Chief Technology Officer

            Dr. Terence Tan

            Chief Medical Advisor



              Rapid, Definitive and POC diagnosis of Respiratory Infections

              Revolutionizing respiratory infection diagnosis with THz sensing and machine learning to optimize patient workflow, saving $4B in healthcare costs.

              ABOUT THE START-UP

              • TeraM is spin off tech from Centre for Disruptive Photonics Technology (CDPT), Nanyang Technological University (NTU). We are developing a novel sensing technique based on terahertz technology to detect respiratory biomarkers in exhaled breath. Benefits of this technique includes real-time detection, non-invasive, multiplexing, accurate and compact solution suitable for point of care application.
              • As the first respiratory use case, we focus on influenza which is a serious global health threat, responsible for over 650,000 deaths annually. Misdiagnosis of flu in primary health care is very common, resulting in more severe cases, prescription of billions of unnecessary antibiotics courses translating to more than US$4Bn healthcare cost annually. Our technology aims to disrupt the workflow for diagnosis of respiratory infections by providing an accurate and definitive diagnosis for better treatment decisions and antibiotic stewardship.


              • Completed functional prototype
              • Received offer for US$ 250k pre-seed investment from leading hardware accelerator
              • Pending S$250k Proof of Concept grant from NTUitive
              • Expected filling provisional patent application for hardware in Q3-2022
              • In active discussion with collaborators and interest manufacturers, channels and healthcare provider from Australia and United States
              • Planned Clinical trial in Q42022

              Majid P.Fard

              Chief Executive Officer

              Prof. Ranjan Singh

              Chief Technology Officer



                Improving the quality of life for dialysis patients

                UpperMed brings modern technology and service to all Peritoneal Dialysis patients to automate the setup of the heavy dialysate, data logging, and infection control in one package.

                ABOUT THE START-UP

                • UpperMed is dedicated to improving the quality of life for dialysis patients. Their product is a portable solution for those on PD with easy accessibility to dialysis procedure – PD CareTM, which includes a portable device and companion mobile application for data management.
                • Their data management platform intends to enable medical staff to achieve real-time access to patients’ dialysis status and adjust the prescription accordingly.


                • Workable prototype, prepare for mass production
                • First-in-human IRB has been approved, plan to recruit ~10 patients for study by Q3, 2022
                • Partner with 4 hospitals across Singapore & Taiwan for the clinical investigation of device and infection detection
                • Signed a letter of intent partnering with Omron for body weight & blood pressure data integration on PD Care App
                • Medtech Innovator APAC 2021 Cohort

                Yi-Chih Cheng

                Chief Executive Officer

                Zi-Yan Lin

                Chief Technology Officer

                Yan-You Lee

                Product Lead



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