Planar Robotic System for Upper Arm Rehabilitation
Dr. Asif Hussain
Prof. Domenico Campolo
  • Approval for commercialisation obtained from CE (Europe) HSA (Singapore), TGA (Australia) and Thailand for the ARTICARES H-Man
  • Korea (KFDA) and China (CFDA) registration in progress before entering the markets
  • Research units sold internationally
  • Sold first unit in one of the community hospitals in Singapore
  • Undergoing demo trials with multiple hospitals locally and overseas


ARTICARES is a helping hand for ageing in place and for populations suffering from neurological injuries such as stroke. We achieve this by designing interactive state-of-the-art user-friendly solutions, for diagnostics and rehabilitation (training) for home, community and hospital-based use. 

Our solutions are outcomes of strong collaborations between experts in medical and engineering fields, validated by clinical studies and made available to you by people who care about making every step of your journey a bit easier.