Remote Fetal and Maternal Health Monitoring
Amrish Nair
A/Prof .David Foo
Dr. Pina Marziliano
Pre-Series A


Forging new frontiers in pregnancy care, Biorithm has developed Femom, a comprehensive remote monitoring suite for obstetrics care. Using novel sensors and algorithms cutting edge analytic software and medical-grade abdominal ECG wearable, we enable a safe and easy remote monitoring of maternal & fetal physiological parameters. Unlike current hand-held Dopplers or cardiotocographs, our ECG-based solution can extract cardiac parameters that could indicate more specific fetal conditions, identify and predict different maternal & fetal states of distress.

Founded by doctors and engineers, Biorithm believes that comprehensive maternal healthcare should leverage the power of digital health and advanced sensors to address individual patient and clinicians’ needs, enhance data-driven decisions, complication prevention, and provide access to holistic and affordable care.